Chemical Kinetics: Rate of Reaction and Factors

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What does chemical kinetics deal with?

The speed of chemical reactions

How is the rate of a chemical reaction defined?

By the change in concentration of reactants or products per unit time

What happens to the concentration of reactants as a chemical reaction proceeds?


How is the rate of a chemical reaction calculated?

By dividing the concentration difference by the time interval

What determines the rate of a reaction?

The molecularity of the slowest step

Which type of reactions generally occur rapidly?

Reactions with ions combining

What factor usually causes reactions to slow down over time?

Depletion of reactants

How does the addition of a catalyst affect a reaction?

It accelerates the reaction

What does the rate constant represent in a reaction?

The specific rate of reaction when reactants have a molar concentration of 1

How does the value of the rate constant affect the speed of a reaction?

Greater rate constant, faster reaction

What is the relationship between rate constant and temperature for a specific reaction?

Rate constant increases with increasing temperature

How does the value of rate constant depend on the concentration of reactants?

Rate constant does not depend on reactant concentration

Explore the branch of chemistry that focuses on studying the rates and factors affecting chemical reactions, as well as the mechanisms behind them. Test your knowledge on the rate of change of quantities and reaction mechanisms.

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