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What is a reagent?

A compound or mixture added to a system to cause a chemical reaction

What is an analyte?

A substance or sample being analyzed

Why is it important for a sample to be representative?

To ensure it has all the characteristics of the entire bulk system

What are the specifications for Analytical Reagent (AR) grade chemicals established by?

American Chemical Society

What are ultrapure chemicals primarily used for?

Specific procedures requiring extremely pure chemicals

What is the difference between distilled water and deionized water?

Distilled water is boiled and vaporized to remove impurities, while deionized water has ions removed.

Which type of water is acceptable for glassware washing but not for reagent preparation?

Type III water

What characterizes a dilute solution?

It has a relatively low solute concentration per volume of solvent.

What is the component of a solution that is present in the greatest amount?


How does a saturated solution differ from a supersaturated solution?

A supersaturated solution has an even greater concentration of undissolved solute particles than a saturated solution.

Test your knowledge on terms related to chemical analysis, including reagent, analyte, bulk system, and sample. Learn about the key concepts used by analytical laboratory technicians to analyze samples.

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