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What is the relationship between Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov and Natalya Stepanovna?

Father and daughter

Why does Chubukov initially think Lomov has visited him?

To borrow money

How does Lomov react when Chubukov gives his consent for Natalya's hand in marriage?

He trembles with excitement

What reason does Lomov give for not finding an ideal love?

Ideal love doesn't exist

How does Lomov's behavior change when Natalya enters the scene?

He starts jumping like a mad person

Why does Natalya accuse Lomov of not behaving like a good neighbor?

Because he claimed ownership of Oxen Meadows

What does Chubukov clarify to Lomov about proving ownership by shouting?

It won't prove ownership

Why does Chubukov accuse Lomov of speaking disrespectfully?

Because Lomov called him a land grabber

What causes Lomov's heart to palpitate during the argument?

The discussion about dogs

How does Natalya counter Lomov's claim about his dog Guess?

By pointing out Squeezer's jaw structure

Study Notes

Characters and Setting

  • The story is a drama or play between three characters: Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, Natalya Stepanovna (Chubukov's daughter), and Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov.
  • The setting is at Chubukov’s house.

Lomov's Visit

  • Lomov, a neighbor and a large, hearty but suspicious landowner, visits Chubukov.
  • Chubukov is happy to see Lomov and asks him to sit down.
  • Lomov reveals he has come to ask for Natalya's hand in marriage.

Chubukov's Reaction

  • Chubukov is excited and embracing, giving his consent to the proposal.

Natalya's Entrance

  • Natalya enters, asking Lomov about his evening dress.
  • Lomov tries to explain the purpose of his visit but gets off the point, discussing his family and properties.

Dispute Over Oxen Meadows

  • Natalya and Lomov argue over Oxen Meadows, with Natalya refusing Lomov's claim to the land.
  • Chubukov intervenes, clarifying that shouting won't prove ownership.

Insults and Threats

  • Lomov and Chubukov exchange insults, with Lomov threatening to take Chubukov to court.
  • Chubukov calls Lomov a land grabber, a villain, and a scarecrow.

Proposal Revelation

  • Natalya discovers Lomov's proposal and starts weeping.
  • She begs Chubukov to bring Lomov back immediately, and Chubukov laments being a father to a grown-up daughter.

Dispute Over Dogs

  • Lomov and Natalya argue over the quality of their dogs, with Lomov citing the price and features of his dog, Guess.
  • Natalya defends her dog, Squeezer, citing its pedigree and price.

Test your knowledge on the drama or play involving three characters: Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, Natalya Stepanovna, and Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov in Anton Chekhov's famous work. Explore the interactions and events that unfold in this comedic yet thought-provoking story.

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