The Proposal by Anton Chekhov Scene Summary

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What is the main reason Lomov gives for feeling trembling and cold while proposing to Natalya Stepanovna?

He is overwhelmed with excitement and anxiety.

Why does Chubukov express joy and enthusiasm when Lomov asks for Natalya's hand in marriage?

Chubukov thinks Natalya is already in love with Lomov.

Why does Lomov feel pressured to make a quick decision about proposing to Natalya Stepanovna?

He wants to avoid thinking too much about true love and ideals.

How does Chubukov describe Natalya's feelings towards Lomov when he asks for her hand in marriage?

Natalya is infatuated with Lomov.

What motivates Lomov to consider marrying Natalya Stepanovna despite his health issues?

His desire for financial stability.

How does Lomov feel physically when he tries to sleep due to his health issues?

He keeps feeling a pull in his left side disturbing his sleep.

Why does Chubukov comment on Lomov's formal attire?

To inquire about his plans for the evening.

What does Chubukov think Lomov's reason for visiting is initially?

To ask for help or a favor.

Why does Lomov apologize for being overly excited?

He is anxious about offending Chubukov.

How does Chubukov react internally to Lomov's request for help?

He decides not to give any assistance.

What does Lomov's formal tone and attire reveal about his character?

He is trying to impress Chubukov.

How does Chubukov feel about Lomov returning to ask for help again?

Annoyed as he believes Lomov doesn't deserve help.

Explore a scene from Anton Chekhov's play 'The Proposal', where Lomov visits Chubukov's house. Dive into the witty and humorous conversation between the characters as they discuss various topics. Test your understanding of the scene with this quiz.

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