Chapter 6: Perception, Cognition, and Emotion

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What is the key difference in framing between the choices presented in Group 1 and Group 2?

Group 1 focused on lives saved, while Group 2 focused on lives lost

In which group did a higher percentage of participants choose Program B?

Group 2

What is the term used to describe the arbitrary point used to evaluate an alternative as either a gain or a loss?

Reference point

How do frames impact negotiation according to the text?

They shape what parties define as key issues and how they discuss them

What term is used to collectively label the systematic errors negotiators make when processing information?

Cognitive biases

What is the term used to describe the process by which individuals connect to their environment by assigning meaning to messages and events?

Sense-making process

Which of the following is NOT listed as one of the four major perceptual errors mentioned in the text?

Interpretation bias

What is the main difference between selective perception and projection as described in the text?

Selective perception involves filtering out contrary information, while projection involves assigning one's own characteristics to others.

What is the role of a 'frame' in the context of evaluating situations?

To evaluate and make sense of situations subjectively

In the text's example of an outbreak preparation, how many people are expected to be killed by the unusual new disease?

Six hundred

Explore the topics of perception, cognition, and emotion in communication. Understand how individuals connect with their environment, ascribe meaning to events, and interpret information. Learn about the role of perception in shaping responses and how it is influenced by the perceiver's state of mind.

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