Chapter 5 - Motivation and Emotions Quiz

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What is consumer involvement?

The degree of personal relevance a consumer finds in a particular product category

Which type of involvement describes consumers with a very high interest in a particular product category?

Product involvement

What does the cognitive appraisal theory propose?

Specific types of appraisals can be linked to specific types of emotions

What are mood-congruent judgments influenced by?

Consumer mood

Which type of appraisal can evoke emotions related to fairness and justice?

Equity appraisal

Which type of measure asks respondents to rate their emotional states on a scale?

'PANAS' self-report measure

What is the term for the inner reasons behind human actions?


Which need in Maslow's hierarchy focuses on basic survival like food and shelter?


What type of motivation involves the drive to acquire products for utilitarian purposes?

Utilitarian motivation

Which theory describes consumers as addressing prioritized needs from basic survival to personal fulfilment?

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which level involves the need to be recognized as a person of worth?


What state is described as the body naturally reacting to maintain normal bloodstream?


Test your knowledge on what drives human behavior, motivations, homeostasis, self-improvement, and regulatory focus theory. Explore the inner reasons behind human actions and the pursuit of an ideal state.

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