Chapter 4 Web Site Development Methodologies: Introduction

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What is one of the reasons why entities must innovate their Web pages?

To reduce costs and improve information systems

What is a Web site not merely considered as today?

An informative content presentation tool

Why do many Web developers base their work on existing software development methodologies?

Because it provides a foundation for their work

What has led researchers to propose that specific methodologies are needed for Web development?

The evolving and demanding needs of users

Why is it important for entities to equip themselves with the means to attract more customers and users?

To stay updated and in touch with user base needs

What has the progress of the World Wide Web presented constantly?

New challenges and opportunities

What is the W3DT methodology primarily used for?

Creating large Web sites

According to Bichler and Nusser (1996), what does the W3DT methodology facilitate?

The process of developing both structured and unstructured Web pages

What are the basic design primitives of the W3DT model, as outlined in Fig. 4.1?

Forms, indexes, and menus

What is the name of the computer-based design environment used in the second stage of W3DT methodology?


What does W3DT combine to support the development of Web sites?

A modeling technique with a computer-based design environment

According to the text, what does the first stage of developing a Web site within the W3DT framework involve?

Creating a graphical representation of the Web site and respective pages

What is the purpose of the optional links in the diagrams built by developers in the first stage of W3DT methodology?

To account for the aesthetic presentation of the Web site and its navigational structure

What does WebDesigner provide to developers using the W3DT methodology?

An intuitive browser for graphically representing the website as it is being developed

Which of the following components are NOT part of the underlying structure of each page in the W3DT model?


What is the W3DT methodology's CASE tool called, as mentioned in the text?


Explore the concepts and challenges associated with the progress of the World Wide Web and the development of websites. Understand the need for entities to attract more customers and users through effective web development methodologies.

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