Chapter 1: Preview of the Cell and Early Microscopy

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Who first isolated DNA and called it nuclein?

Friedrich Miescher

Which scientists connected specific traits to chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster?

Morgan, Bridges, & Sturtevant

Who proposed the chromosome theory of heredity?

Morgan, Bridges, & Sturtevant

Which concept states that each gene is responsible for the production of a single protein?

One gene-one enzyme concept

What process did Walther Flemming name when he saw threadlike bodies in the nucleus?


What technique is used to move proteins, DNA, or RNA molecules through a medium based on size and charge?


Which method helps identify the composition and identity of a sample by converting components into ions?

Mass spectrometry

What is the main purpose of centrifugation in biochemistry?

Isolating different structures and macromolecules

What role did Gregor Mendel play in the advancement of genetics?

Laid the foundation for understanding hereditary factors

Which method is crucial for tracing the metabolic fate of specific atoms and molecules?

Mass spectrometry

In electrophoresis gel movement, why do long DNA fragments move slower in areas with small pores?

Small pores inhibit the movement of long DNA fragments

What was the main limitation of the microscope used by the individual who made early observations of cells?

Low magnification power

Which scientist co-authored a paper emphasizing the descriptive nature of cell biology?

Theodor Schwann

Which process supports the cell theory and refutes spontaneous cell generation?


Who demonstrated that fermentation is a chemical reaction?

Justus von Liebig

What did Wohler's experiment prove about living and non-living things?

All matter follows biochemical processes

What did Spirulina platensis contribute to the field of biology?

Recognition for its nutritional value

Explore the beginnings of cell biology with a focus on microscopy and early observations made by scientists like Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann. Understand the limitations faced by early microscopes and how these tools laid the foundation for modern cell biology.

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