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What is the main responsibility of the Central Nervous System (CNS)?

Controlling and coordinating all organ systems

Which part of the brain is responsible for controlling posture, balance, and coordination?


What is the function of the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)?

Connects the CNS to organs and limbs

Which division of the PNS carries motor and sensory signals between the spinal cord and body?

Spinal Nerves

When is the Sympathetic Nervous System (NS) typically activated?

In dynamic roles or stress

What is the basic unit of the nervous system called?


What is the role of dendrites in a neuron?

Carry impulses towards the cell body

Which part of the brain is responsible for voluntary control of the body?

Frontal lobe

What happens during shivering in terms of heat generation and body temperature?

Heat is retained and body temperature rises

Which part of the neuron carries impulses away from the cell body?


What is the primary function of the autonomic nervous system?

Involuntary control and movement of the body

What happens to the brain as one ages?

It shrinks by 1-2 grams every year due to neuron loss

Test your knowledge about the central nervous system, which is a complex network of nerves and cells responsible for carrying messages to and from the brain and spinal cord. Learn about the parts like cerebrum and cerebellum that control various activities in the body.

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