Central Banking and Currency Demand Quiz

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Which approach is used to calculate GDP by summing up the value added by all industries in the economy?

What is the biggest sector in countries like Austria?

Why is real GDP more meaningful for time comparisons?

What are the two main drivers for economic growth?

Which one of these is a typical topic in macroeconomics?

What is a fallacy of composition?

Which one of these is an example of a market failure?

What happens if everyone saves more money simultaneously?

What are the effects of unemployment?

Based on the text, which type of unemployment is caused by a shortage of jobs during recessions or downturns?

How is full employment defined?

In the simple neoclassical model, how is the (real) wage determined?

According to the Keynesian model, why can there be persistent unemployment?

In the Keynesian model, why don't firms invest more if saving is increased?

What are passive labor market policies?

According to the heterodox and orthodox view, what is money?

Which of the following is NOT a duty of the central bank?

What is the purpose of legal tender laws?

What is the topmost layer of the pyramid of liabilities?

What is the difference between stable inflation and accelerating inflation?

Which of the following is a fiscal policy measure to combat the effects of inflation?

What is one of the fiscal policies against the causes of inflation mentioned in the text?

Why might deficit rules be problematic according to the text?

What does the text mention as a need for massive investments?

What was the rationale behind choosing the 60% public debt threshold according to the text?

What do countries in Europe require different degrees of according to the text?

Which one of these is the most correct?

Which one of these is the most correct?

Which one of these is the most correct?

Which one of these is the most correct?


Test your knowledge of central banking and currency demand in this quiz. Learn about the relationship between taxes, government currency, legal tender laws, and the duties of a central bank.

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