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Louis Pasteur is credited with conclusively disproving the theory of ______ generation with his famous swan-neck flask experiment.


The postulates of the ______ theory was made possible through the invention of the microscope.


Cell theory states that: All living things are composed of one or more cells and cell products. All living cells come from other living cells by the process of cell division. Cells are the basic units of structure and function on ______.


The table below indicates events that supports or disagrees The theory of ______ generation.


1838 Matthias Schleiden Stated that all animals are made up of ______.


1665 Scientist Robert Hooke Discovery a. Examine the thin slice ______ of cork.


Nutrition is the process by which cells obtain food molecules to support their other ________.


The source of life energy in a living cell is the molecules undergoing chemical _________ within the cell.


All of the life processes of a living cell involve transformation of energy and ________.


Needham's experiment involved testing the idea of spontaneous generation by heating his ________.


Spallanzani's experiment involved testing the idea of spontaneous generation by sealing his flasks ________.


The technology essential for the development of the cell theory was ________.


The security guard is like the cell ______ because he chooses who can enter or leave.


The school perimeter is similar to the cell ______ because it is where all the parts and processes can be found.


The principal is compared to the cell ______ because they are in authority and make decisions.


DepEd is like the cell ______ because they are responsible for hiring and producing teachers.


Teachers are analogous to the cell ______ because they are active in making students better.


The canteen is similar to the cell ______ because the food served there gives energy.


Digestion is the process by which food particles are broken down into smaller soluble units suitable for cell use with the help of ______.


Absorption is the process by which cells absorb water, minerals and other materials essential to life from their ______.


Biosynthesis is the process by which all cells organize complex chemicals from simple building units or ______.


Excretion is the process by which by-products of all cell activities which are not needed for further cell functioning are ______.


Egestion is the process by which insoluble, non-digested particles are eliminated by the ______.


Movement is a process which includes the locomotion of cell by means of special structures like cilia or ______.


What is the term for the jellylike substance that is contained inside the cell membrane? a.DNA b.Cytoplasm c.Organelle d.Nucleus ______


Which organelle breaks down organelles that are no longer useful? a.Golgi body c.Lysosome b.Endoplasmic reticulum d.Mitochondrion ______


Which structure makes proteins using coded instructions that come from the nucleus? a.Golgi body b.Mitochondrion c.Vacuole d.Ribosome ______


The primary reason why plant cell have larger vacuole than animal cell is because plants___________. a.have thicker cell walls b.have active storing units c.can directly make their own food d.depend on animals for food ______

can directly make their own food

The most important feature within the structure of the cell membrane which helps it in carrying its task is_______. a.viscous fluid flowing around it c.series of fibers within it b.semi-permeable phospholipid bilayer d.paired genetic materials within it ______

semi-permeable phospholipid bilayer

Located within the nucleus, responsible for producing ribosomes a.centrosome b.nucleolus c.lysosome d.Endoplasmic reticulum ______


Test your knowledge on key cellular processes such as digestion, absorption, biosynthesis, and excretion. Understand how cells break down food, absorb essential materials, create complex chemicals, and eliminate by-products.

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