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Which type of tissue is defined as the group of cells having similar function?

Epithelial tissue

What is the space outside the cell called?

Extracellular space

What is the structural and functional unit of the living body?


Which type of muscle tissue includes skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle?

Muscle tissue

What do all cells in the body need for their growth, repair, and other activities?

Nutrition and oxygen

Which type of tissue includes neurons and supporting cells?

Nervous tissue

What is an organ composed of?

Two or more primary types of tissues

Which system is responsible for the transport of substances between the organs?

Cardiovascular system

What is the main function of the reproductive system?

Reproduction of species

Which category does the nucleus belong to in the structure of the cell?


What is another term for cell membrane?

Plasma membrane

What is the composition of the cell membrane?

Proteins (40%), Lipids (55%), Carbohydrates (5%)

What does an electron microscopic study reveal about the cell membrane?

One central lipid layer and two electron-dense layers

What does the cell membrane separate?

Intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid

What does the endocrine system control?

Growth of the body and regulation and maintenance of normal life

What are the types of organs mentioned?

Both tubular or hollow organs and compact or parenchymal organs

Test your knowledge about the basic units of life and the general characteristics of cells with this quiz. Explore topics such as extracellular space, nutrition, oxygen, and energy production within cells.

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