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Which type of enzymes move phospholipids in only a single direction in the cell membrane and are ATP dependent?


What is the role of sulfolipids in biological systems?

Facilitate photosynthesis

What is the primary function of Aquaporins in cell membranes?

Allow passive movement of water

Which receptors are involved in detecting stimuli from internal organs and blood vessels?


What is the primary function of Nociceptors in the body?

Detect harmful stimuli like high temperatures

What is the main characteristic of Vertical diffusion in cell membranes?

Moves phospholipids between leaflets

Which type of diffusion is described as energetically favorable and does not require energy input?

Lateral diffusion

What is the primary function of Gustatory chemoreceptors?

Locate in taste buds and responsible for sense of taste

What is the function of Goblet cells in the respiratory tract?

Produce mucus

What type of mutation involves flipping a chromosomal segment?

Inversion Mutation

What is the function of Axons in neurons?

Conduct impulses away from the cell body

Which type of mutation results in a shift in the reading frame?

Frameshift Mutation

What is the role of Myelin Sheath around axons?

Prevent signal loss by insulation

Which type of cells produce surfactant in the lungs?

Pneumocytes II

What happens during the release of neurotransmitters?

NT binds to receptors on postsynaptic membrane

What is the main function of Dendrites in neurons?

Receive action potentials from other neurons

What term describes random chance fluctuation due to explainable events, which leads to the fixation or loss of alleles contributing to genetic differences between populations?

Genetic drift

Which evolutionary process occurs when distantly related organisms independently evolve similar traits to adapt to similar needs?

Convergent evolution

In which type of selection do females purposefully choose to mate with males based on desirable appearances, even if these traits are not inherently beneficial?

Sexual selection

What process refers to reversible genetic changes that do not alter the DNA sequence and are largely carried out through methylation and deacetylation?


Which term describes the occurrence when the presence of two alleles for a gene results in a blended phenotype, such as gray fur?

Incomplete dominance

In which type of selection do certain genes become more prevalent in a species over time?

Genetic selection

What concept focuses on the idea that natural selection can act on groups of organisms rather than individual organisms?

Group selection

Which type of selection favors traits that increase an organism's chances of attracting a mate and reproducing?

Sexual selection

What is the Law of Dominance in genetics?

One form of a gene (allele) is dominant over the other in expressing a trait

Where does spermatogenesis occur in the male reproductive system?


What is the function of the Uterine (fallopian) tube in the female reproductive system?

Location of fertilization

What does DNA methylation result in?

Repression of transcription

What is the function of the Seminiferous tube in the male reproductive system?

Produce sperm and store it

What happens during glycosylation of proteins?

Carbohydrate groups are attached to proteins

What is the role of the Myometrium in the uterus?

Smooth muscle layer

How do genes assort during meiosis according to Mendelian inheritance?


What type of receptors respond to mechanical forces, vibrations, and pressure changes?


Which type of junctions allow for rapid exchange of ions and small molecules between cells?

Gap junctions

What do PET scans reveal information about?

Metabolic activity

What is the role of ADH in body fluids such as blood?

Regulating thirst

Which receptors are found in the eyes and respond to light?


What is the function of desmosomes in cell-cell connections?

Serve to strengthen cell-cell connections by binding to adjacent cells' cytoskeleton

What do CT scans reveal information about?


'Ca2+ dependent transmembrane glycoproteins that mediate cell-cell adhesion by binding to cadherins on other cells' describes which of the following?


Test your knowledge on the components of the cell membrane such as sulfolipids, vertical and lateral diffusion, fippases, and floppases. This quiz covers topics related to maintaining membrane integrity, immune response, photosynthesis, and lipid bilayer dynamics.

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