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What is the main way in which inorganic carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere is converted to organic Carbon?


How do living organisms convert organic carbon to CO2, releasing it back into the atmosphere?

Cellular Respiration

What is a major source of CO2 production and release into the atmosphere by humans?

Burning of fossil fuels

Which process allows plants to utilize nitrogen, which they cannot directly extract from the atmosphere?

Nitrogen Fixation

What was the role of stromatolites in the early Earth's atmosphere?

Producing oxygen through photosynthesis

What event allowed life to move onto land according to the text?

Formation of the ozone layer

When did the complexity of life on Earth increase significantly?

Cambrian Explosion, about 500 million years ago

How did plate tectonics contribute to the Earth's changes?

Subducting oceanic plate under lighter oceanic plate

What event led to the dominance of mammals on Earth?

65 million years ago meteor impact

What caused the extinction about 250 million years ago according to the text?

Supercontinent Pangea splitting apart

Test your knowledge on the processes involved in the carbon and nitrogen cycles. Learn about photosynthesis, cellular respiration, combustion of fossil fuels, and the role of nitrogen in plant growth.

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