California Missions History Quiz Part 2

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What was the fate of the Spanish priests at the missions by 1850?

They left the missions

What happened to the mission land after the Spanish priests left?

People claimed the mission land for their own ranches and farms

What was the fate of the natives after the missions were claimed by new landowners?

They were made to work the land for the new landowners without pay

What was the impact of the missions on California's development?

They helped people see that it was possible to farm the dry land and raise cattle

What happened to the empty mission buildings over time?

They fell apart

What eventually happened to the missions?

In 1861, the missions were given to the Catholic Church

What attracted people to move to California after the missions?

The discovery that California was a place filled with warm sunshine and beautiful mountains

What did the missions and other settlements like Jamestown and Plymouth have in common?

They all helped change America and bring thousands of new people to live and work in the new land

What was one of the common activities undertaken by the settlers at the missions, Jamestown, Plymouth, and New Amsterdam?

Clearing trees, planting crops, building, starting businesses, and making laws

Study Notes

The Fate of the Spanish Priests and Missions

  • By 1850, the Spanish priests had left the missions due to Mexico's secularization laws.
  • After the priests left, the mission land was taken over by new landowners.

The Fate of the Natives

  • After the missions were claimed by new landowners, the natives were forced to work as laborers on the newly acquired land.

Impact of the Missions on California's Development

  • The missions played a significant role in the development of California, as they introduced European farming techniques, livestock, and fruits to the region.

Abandoned Mission Buildings

  • Over time, the empty mission buildings fell into disrepair and were used as sources of building materials for other structures.

The Missions' Eventual Fate

  • Many of the original mission buildings were restored in the 20th century, and some were rebuilt as historic landmarks.

Attraction to California

  • The discovery of gold in California in 1848 attracted a large influx of people to the state, leading to rapid population growth.

Comparison with Other Settlements

  • The missions, along with Jamestown and Plymouth, were all early European settlements in North America that were established for economic and religious reasons.

Common Activities of Settlers

  • One common activity undertaken by the settlers at the missions, Jamestown, Plymouth, and New Amsterdam was trade with the native populations.

California Missions History Quiz: Test your knowledge on the impact of Spanish colonization, native resistance, and the transition of California from Spanish to American rule.

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