Business Sustainability and Product Life Cycle Assessment

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What is the primary focus of the product development system?

Determining the success of a product

In which phase of the product life cycle may high volume innovative production be appropriate?

Maturity Phase

When should dying products typically not be invested in?

When they are poor products

What is the final stage in the product development system?


What does economic sustainability refer to?

How companies stay in business

During which stage can the operations manager make substantial contributions to environmental objectives?

Product design and production

What is a key benefit of efficient scheduling in manufacturing firms?

Optimizing efficiency

What is a key theme that manufacturers focus on to reduce environmental impact during production?

Energy, water, and environmental contamination

Which team is responsible for making decisions regarding aggregate planning in organizations?

Sales and operating planning team

What role do management analytics play in reducing environmental impact in the text?

Linear programming and queuing techniques

What is the first step in the scheduling process according to the text?

Capacity planning

Why are PERT and CPM considered important for projects with thousands of activities?

To optimize scheduling decisions

What is the primary purpose of the DEFINE step in the DMAIC process?

Specify the project's purpose and scope

What is a key aspect of EMPLOYEE EMPOWERMENT in the context of production processes?

Building communication networks with employees

What is the main characteristic of a quality circle?

Meetings to solve work-related problems

What distinguishes JIT systems from other approaches to production?

Producing or delivering goods just as they are needed

What is one way in which JIT is related to quality?

It decreases inventory levels

According to Genichi Taguchi, what does 'Target-Oriented Quality' focus on?

Continuous improvement to meet customer needs precisely

What is the purpose of a 'Check Sheet' in the context of Total Quality Management tools?

To identify facts or patterns that aid subsequent analysis

What is the main function of a 'Cause-and-Effect Diagram' in Total Quality Management?

To identify possible sources of errors in processes

Learn about the importance of economic sustainability in achieving social and environmental sustainability. Explore how operations managers can contribute to environmental objectives through product life cycle assessment.

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