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In a limited partnership, the liability for loss of a limited partner...

What distinguishes a limited liability partnership (LLP) from a regular partnership?

What is a requirement for the registration of partnerships in Canadian provinces and territories?

What triggers the dissolution of a partnership?

What is a joint venture?

What is a limited partnership?

What may lead to a limited partner being deemed as a general partner by a court?

What is the consequence of a limited partner placing their name on the firm letterhead?

What is the main reason for licensing of services?

What is a key risk for sole proprietors?

What is the primary goal of an agency relationship?

What duty does an agent have in an agency relationship?

How may an agency relationship be created?

In what situation may an agency of necessity be created?

When is a principal liable to third parties?

How can an agency be terminated?

What is a partnership?

What is a key characteristic of a sole proprietorship?

What is the role of an agent in a business context?

Why are business structures highly regulated?


Business Structures and Legal Relationships

  • Business structures are highly regulated, even the simplest ones must comply with regulations and licenses.
  • Sole proprietorship has one owner who is responsible for all debts and entitled to all profits.
  • Licensing of services is required to ensure the qualifications of those offering services to the public.
  • Sole proprietors have personal risk as their personal assets are vulnerable to business debt.
  • An agent acts on behalf of a principal, usually according to an agent-principal contract for service.
  • The goal of an agency relationship is usually the negotiation of contracts between the principal and third parties.
  • An agent has several duties, including obedience of lawful instructions and duty of confidentiality.
  • An agency relationship may arise by words or conduct, creating an agency by conduct or estoppel.
  • An agency of necessity may be created in an emergency to prevent a loss.
  • A principal is liable to third parties in cases where the agent is acting within their authority.
  • An agency may be terminated after a specified time, by notice, by incapacity, or by completion of a particular task.
  • Partnerships are relationships between two or more persons who carry on business together with a view to profit.


Test your knowledge of business structures and legal relationships with this quiz. Explore the regulations and licenses involved in different business structures, the responsibilities of sole proprietors, the role and duties of agents, and the liability of principals in agency relationships. Learn about partnerships and their significance in business operations.

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