Business Planning and Analysis Fundamentals

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What type of information does an organization collect during the environmental scanning process?

Information about changes in the environment

Which of the following is an example of an external opportunity for an organization?

External factors that can help gain competitive advantage

How can a company utilize its internal strengths according to the text?

By conducting a thorough analysis and using them to improve business

Which aspect of an organization is considered as an internal strength according to the text?

World-class customer service

What do weaknesses represent in the context of SWOT Analysis?

Areas where the organization needs improvement

In what way can a lack of marketing budget impact an organization's e-commerce visibility?

Lead to a decrease in website visibility

What does the Market Profile in the business study cover?

Methods of product distribution

Which component of the Marketing Studies involves analyzing the source of product supply?

Supply Analysis

What does Competitive Analysis in the business study focus on?

Quality and market acceptability of the product

Which Marketing Studies component involves assessing the distribution and cost of transportation?

Competitive Analysis

What is emphasized in Geographic Segmentation Strategy in the business study?

Approaches to penetrate the market niche

What is the focus of Program Analysis of Marketing Strategies in the business study?

Geographic segmentation strategy

What is a crucial factor to consider before venturing into a new business?

Believing in the product or service

Why should an entrepreneur analyze customers' profile when considering a new business?

To determine potential growth and success

What does effective distribution strategy help in achieving for a new business?

Securing customer loyalty and satisfaction

Why is it important to involve customers in suggesting improvements for a new product or service?

To ensure continuous product growth

What is one key purpose of knowing the competitors before starting a new business?

To identify gaps in the market

In the context of starting a new business, why is it important for the entrepreneur to convince customers that their product is unique?

To satisfy customers’ needs and wants better than existing products

What does the Financial Management aspect of a business plan primarily focus on?

Capital investment and funding sources

Which section of a business plan describes the physical layout of the building and the production equipment?

Production and Technology

What is the main purpose of a business plan according to the text?

To assess the viability of the business

Which aspect of a business plan involves projections over a period of one year and five years to determine ROI?

Financial Management

In a business plan, what does the Project Summary typically consist of?

Machineries and plant location

What does the Demographic Segmentation Strategy focus on?

Educational background and lifestyle

What does the Marketing Strategy aspect of a business plan focus on?

Analyzing market share and promotion strategies

In the context of Channel of Distribution, what does 'direct marketing' refer to?

Personal selling

What is the primary focus of the Pricing Strategy?

Attracting customers through price index

What aspect does Production Process mainly highlight?

Volume of production per shift

Which factor does Plant Rated Capacity focus on?

Monthly consumption of target market

'Machinery and Equipment' in production planning involves considerations about:

Spare parts availability

Explore the essential steps and strategies to consider before starting a new business venture. Learn about the significance of environmental scanning, SWOT analysis, and creating a comprehensive business plan with different phases.

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