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What is the main focus of opportunity identification?

Generating profits

Why are people you know beneficial in identifying business opportunities?

To connect locally and internationally

What is the role of businesses in relation to human needs?

Influencing demand for needs

How can opportunities be identified by weaknesses of existing product or service providers?

By applying existing products for new functions

What is the purpose of screening and evaluating business opportunities?

To determine the next stage of an opportunity's development

Which term is commonly associated with judging whether an opportunity will progress to the next stage?


What components should you assess when evaluating your chances of succeeding in a new venture?

Financial, personnel, and marketing skills

What aspect should market research help you determine?

Feasibility of the business

What should a risk assessment help you prepare for?

Potential problems

Where can you seek support for your new venture according to the text?

From family and the community

What is an important consideration when assessing the financing available for your new venture?

Evaluation of seller, investors, and lenders' contributions

Why is it important to have an honest appraisal of potential risks in a new business according to the text?

To prepare for possible problems and decide on the investment's worth

Test your knowledge on identifying abilities useful for opportunity identification, thinking out of the box to create original ideas, and evaluating business opportunities based on basic criteria. Explore the importance of identifying business opportunities and the requirements for effective opportunity identification.

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