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What is the focus of Chapter 1 in the book?

What does the term 'analytics ecosystem' refer to?

What is one of the evolving needs for decision support and analytics mentioned in the text?

What does the term 'Big Data' refer to?

What is the main focus of Figure 1.8 in the book?


  • The text is an overview of Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, and Data Science from a managerial perspective, taken from the fourth edition of the book "Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science".
  • The need for computerized support in managerial decision making is recognized, with the evolution of such support leading to the current state of analytics and data science.
  • BI methodology and concepts are described, including managing data warehouses and Big Data, overcoming cognitive limits, and knowledge management.
  • Analytics is discussed, with various types identified and selected applications presented.
  • The analytics ecosystem is outlined, highlighting key players and career opportunities.
  • The business environment has changed, with increased hardware, software, and network capabilities enabling group communication, collaboration, and anywhere, anytime support.
  • The evolution of decision support, business intelligence, and analytics is depicted in Figure 1.8.


Test your knowledge about the overview of business intelligence, analytics, and data science from a managerial perspective. Learn about the evolution of computerized support for managerial decision-making and its current state.

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