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What is the name of the instructor for Lesson 8?

What is the intended learning outcome for Lesson 8?

What is the cellphone number of the instructor?

Which platform is mentioned for the instructor's contact information?

What is the focus of Lesson 8?


Midterm Module Summary

  • The provided text seems to be a module for a course or program, likely related to ethics.
  • It includes fields for the name of the student, program/course, address, cellphone number, Facebook account, and email address.
  • It also lists the instructor's information, including their name, Facebook account, contact number, and email address.
  • The lesson mentioned is Lesson 8, titled "THE MORAL AGENT."
  • The intended learning outcomes for the lesson are not provided.
  • The text includes a focus question, "M," but the question itself is not provided.
  • The instructor's name is Marianne S. Giron-Arias, PhD, with a Facebook account under the same name.
  • The instructor's contact number is listed as 09995775348, and the email address is [email protected].
  • The text seems to be a template or form for students to fill out with their information.
  • It lacks specific content related to the lesson or the course, focusing primarily on contact and personal details.
  • The link provided in the text seems to be a Google search link related to ethics, but the relevance is unclear.
  • There is no additional information about the course content, schedule, or specific requirements provided in the text.


"Ethics in Business" Quiz Test your knowledge of ethical principles and practices in the business world with this quiz. Explore scenarios and concepts related to business ethics, and evaluate your understanding of the importance of ethical decision-making in various business contexts.

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