B.Sc. Applied Statistics: Classification of Variables in Health Sciences Quiz

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Which of the following best describes a quantitative variable?

What is an example of a discrete quantitative variable?

Which type of variable can be naturally ordered?

What characterizes a nominal qualitative variable?

Which variable type includes the categorised BMI (body mass index)?

What distinguishes a continuous quantitative variable from a discrete quantitative variable?

What is the variable that could be hypothetically related to the outcome, so its variability could (partially) explain or predict the variability of the outcome?

What is a variable that could be associated with the exposure and also have an effect on the outcome, but is not of primary interest?

In biostatistics, what name is applied exclusively to continuous explanatory variables?

In epidemiology, this terminology is usually applied to both qualitative and continuous explanatory variables. What is it?

Which type of variable measures certain characteristics related to health, whose description or modeling is the main aim of the study?

What is the variable that could be motivating the study and usually measures a characteristic related to health?

What is any potential explanatory variable included in the study, particularly in some fields of biostatistics?

What is any potential qualitative explanatory variable included in the study, especially in epidemiology?

In some studies, what do they analyze several of at a time, even a high number of them, as is the case of the exposome paradigm?

What is a variable that is typically considered a confounder and is often controlled for in studies to obtain adjusted effects?


Test your knowledge of the classification of variables in health sciences with this quiz. Explore different measures and types of variables that are commonly used in statistical analysis.

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