Botany: The Study of Plant Life

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What is the Ancient Greek origin of the term 'botany'?

What were medieval physic gardens often attached to?

How many species of land plants do botanists study nowadays?

What is one of the earliest botanical gardens mentioned in the text?

What did botany originate as in prehistory?

What are the two main stages of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells?

What is the process called when the replicated chromosomes, organelles, and cytoplasm separate into two new daughter cells?

What are the control mechanisms known as in the cell cycle that determine if the cell can progress to the next phase?

In cells without nuclei, how is the cell cycle divided in prokaryotes?

What occurs during the C period in the cell cycle of prokaryotes?


Test your knowledge of botany, the science of plant life and a branch of biology. Explore the fascinating world of plants and their characteristics.

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