Botany: The Four Basic Parts of Plants and Leaf Tissues

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What is the function of leaves in a plant?

Where are stomata mainly located in the leaf?

What is the function of guard cells in the leaf?

What do vascular bundles in the leaf do?

What is the function of the petiole in a leaf?

Where are vascular bundles located in a leaf?

Which part of the stem transports water and nutrients up from roots to stems and leaves?

What is the function of lenticels in the external structure of stems?

Which specialized type of stem is a solid, fleshy, scale-covered underground structure?

What type of a root system is characterized by many finely branched secondary roots covering a large area?

Which part of the leaf is responsible for the movement of manufactured food from leaves to roots?

What do bud scale scars on the external stem structure show?

Which specialized type of stem functions as food storage and is a short, thick underground stem?

What is the function of aerial roots?

Which part of the leaf is responsible for support leaves & reproductive structures?

What is the function of rhizomes, a specialized type of stem?

What differentiates tap root from fibrous roots?

What is the purpose of axillary, lateral bud in the external stem structure?


Test your knowledge on the four basic parts of plants - leaves, stems, roots, and flowers, as well as the tissues of the leaf including the cuticle and stomata. Explore the functions and characteristics of these essential vegetative components.

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