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What components are part of a boat's propulsion system?

Engine, transmissions, and propellers

Which type of outboard motor combines inboard power with outboard drive?


What should be checked during maintenance of boat motors related to fuel?

Fuel lines and fuel primmer

Why is it important to regularly check fuel clamp lines for leaks according to the text?

To prevent engine failure due to incorrect fuel-air mixture

What potential problem may occur if a boat's fuel tank does not vent properly?

Tank rupture due to vacuum

Why is it recommended to always change the boat's engine oil every 100 hours?

To avoid damage to the tank

Which type of battery is recommended for a boat's engine cranking battery?

Marine battery

Why should you not fill the boat's fuel tank beyond 90% capacity?

To prevent overflow and allow gas expansion

What should you do if the water flow during engine flushing is not strong?

Check for debris stuck in the outflow tube

What is a characteristic of 2-stroke outboard engines that differentiates them from 4-stroke engines?

Simpler design

What does a 4-stroke outboard engine have that a 2-stroke engine does not?

Exhaust valves

Why should a fuel stabilizer additive be used in a boat's fuel if not used within a week or two?

To prevent fuel decomposition issues

What should be done after flushing the engine during maintenance?

Check for fuel or water leaks, lubricate moving parts, and spray with anti-corrosive

What is the purpose of using a maintenance type battery charger on a boat that isn't used frequently?

To ensure the battery remains fully charged between uses

Test your knowledge on maintaining boat propulsion systems, including engines, transmissions, and propellers. Learn about different types of outboard motors and the steps involved in maintaining boat motors.

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