BMS Anatomy Lecture 6: Brachial Plexus and Shoulder Girdle Muscles

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Which part of the brachial plexus is responsible for providing innervation to the Musculocutaneous nerve?

Lateral cord

How many divisions does the brachial plexus have?

3 divisions

Which nerve is primarily innervated by the Ulnar nerve?

Ulnar nerve

The Axillary nerve is a branch of which cord in the brachial plexus?

Posterior cord

Which trunk of the brachial plexus gives rise to the Posterior cord?

Posterior inferior trunk

Which of the following statements about the roots of the brachial plexus is correct?

The roots pass through scalene muscles and head towards the axilla.

What is the significance of the trunks in the brachial plexus?

The trunks give rise to anterior and posterior divisions.

How do the divisions of the brachial plexus pass underneath the clavicle?

As they head towards the axilla.

What characterizes the cords of the brachial plexus?

Each cord is formed from both anterior and posterior divisions.

Which statement accurately describes the anterior divisions of the brachial plexus?

Each trunk gives off one anterior division.

What is the primary action of the middle fibers of the trapezius muscle?

Retraction (adduction) of scapula

Which nerve innervates the Rhomboids major muscle?

Dorsal scapular nerve

What is the origin of the Levator Scapulae muscle?

Transverse processes of C1-C4

Which muscle is responsible for the protraction of the scapula?

Pectoralis minor

What is the insertion point of the Rhomboids minor muscle?

Medial border of scapula at the root of the spine

This quiz covers the introduction to the brachial plexus and shoulder girdle muscles from Lecture 6 of BMS Anatomy. Topics include the anatomy, location and function of the brachial plexus, as well as the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Presented by Dr. K.Lumsden and Dr. M.Doroudi, referencing Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 9th edition.

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