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Which part of the placenta regresses during week 20?


What hormone is not produced by the placenta?

Thyroid hormone

During which week do primary chorionic villi develop?

Week 1

Which part of the decidua has no fetal involvement?

Decidua parietalis

Which medication is not given for toxoplasmosis?


What does not take part in forming a tight attachment?


What is the primary function of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy?

Thicken the endometrial lining

How does human placental lactogen affect insulin release from the pancreas?

Increases insulin resistance in the mother's cells

Which hormone is essential for lung development and surfactant production in infants?


What is the consequence of inadequate cortisol production in premature infants?

Collapsed alveoli resulting in respiratory distress syndrome

How does relaxin contribute to the birthing process?

Relaxes ligaments of the pubic symphysis

What is the main role of thyroid hormone during pregnancy?

Promote CNS development in infants

What is the primary metabolic function of gas exchange mentioned in the text?

Delivery of oxygen from the mother to the fetus

Which layer interacts with the chorionic frondosum to form the placenta?

Decidua basalis

What types of nutrients are delivered through active transport according to the text?

Fatty acids and amino acids

Which layer of decidua is involved in fetal development?

Decidua capsularis

What happens as the fetus grows according to the text?

Decidua capsularis merges with decidua parietalis

What nutrient is primarily transferred from the fetus to the mother?

Fatty acids

What is the role of integrins in the attachment process described in the text?

Stabilizing the connection between trophoblastic cells and endometrium

What is the function of the syncytiotrophoblast in the post-implantation stage?

Releases hydrolytic enzymes to invade the stromal tissue

What is the primary function of the primary yolk sac in week 1 development?

Differentiation into epiblast and hypoblast

Why do lacunar spaces become intervillous spaces during implantation?

To allow blood to seep in from broken blood vessels

Which cell type releases Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (hCG) post-implantation?


What is the main function of Selectins during implantation?

Breaking down the stromal tissue of endometrium

What is the purpose of the tertiary villi branching out in the placenta development?

To increase the surface area for exchange

What are the main components exchanged from the fetus to the mother through the placenta?

Carbon dioxide and waste products

Which structure in the placenta is formed from the continuation of extraembryonic mesoderm in the umbilical cord?

Chorionic fondosum

What happens around weeks 16-20 in placental development?

Placental septa form to separate the tertiary villi into cotyledons

What is the function of the decidua in placental development?

To fill up with glycogen and lipids as pregnancy progresses

Where does gas exchange primarily occur in the placenta?

Across the tertiary villi between fetal and maternal blood

Test your knowledge on blastocyst anatomy and the hormonal functions of the placenta. Identify parts of the blastocyst, hormones secreted by the syncytiotrophoblast, and more.

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