Biomedical Instrumentation and ECG Quiz

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What is the purpose of an ECG?

What does the ECG indirectly measure?

How does cardiac muscle differ from skeletal muscle?

What is the structure of the heart?

What is the direction of blood flow in the major coronary vessels?

What are the next steps after a biomedical signal is detected by the sensor and transduced into an electrical signal?

What does the term 'filtering' refer to in the context of biomedical signals?

Give an example of interference signals that can be attenuated using a low-pass filter in an EEG signal recording.

What is the purpose of amplification in biomedical signal processing?

Can amplification and filtering be performed using separate circuits or a single integrated device?


Test your knowledge on biomedical instrumentation and electrocardiography (ECG) with this quiz. Learn about the electrical activity of the heart and how it affects the pumping of blood.

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