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What type of tissue forms the inner lining of the mouth?

Epithelial tissue

Which tissue connects muscle to bone in humans?


What is the role of the epidermis in plants?

Allows exchange of gases and transpiration through stomata

In which regions is parenchyma tissue present in plants?

Roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruits

What type of tissue is present in the vascular bundle of plants?

Complex permanent tissue (xylem and phloem)

Which type of tissue is present in the lining of kidney tubules?

Epithelial tissue (cuboidal epithelium)

What is the function of the thick waxy coating of cutin in the epidermis of desert plants?

Prevents water loss from the plant body

How does the cork act as a protective tissue in plants?

It is thick layered and replaces the epidermis of the stem

What is the main reason for cells of cork being dead and compactly arranged without intercellular spaces?

To protect underlying tissues from desiccation and injury

Why is the deposition of suberin on the walls of cork cells important?

To make cork impervious to gases and water

Test your knowledge of biology tissues with this quiz! Identify different types of tissues in the human body and plants, and name specific tissues based on their functions and locations.

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