Biology of Mind: Structure of the Neuron Quiz

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Which neurotransmitter affects neurons involved in voluntary movement, attention, learning, memory, emotion, pleasure or reward, and response to novelty?


Where do hormones travel to affect the functioning of other organs?

Endocrine glands

Which neurotransmitter is involved in regulating daily biological rhythms and promoting sleep?


What is the function of oxytocin?

Promoting attachment and trust

Which hormone is released to regulate emotions and stress, and is associated with enhancing memories?

Adrenal hormones

Which neurotransmitter affects neurons involved in sleep, appetite, sensory perception, temperature regulation, pain suppression, and mood?


What is the role of endorphins?

Reducing pain and promoting pleasure

Which hormone plays a role in enhancing learning, memory, dreaming, waking, and emotion?

Adrenal hormones

What is the function of Glia cells in the brain?

Support, nurture, and insulate neurons

Which part of the neuron keeps the neuron alive and determines whether it will fire?

Cell body

What is the purpose of the myelin sheath surrounding many axons?

To speed conduction of neural impulses and prevent interference from neighboring signals

What is the function of neurotransmitters in neuron communication?

Alter the activity of a receiving neuron

Which part of the neuron conducts the impulse away from the cell body and transmits it to other cells?


What is the structure that consists of the axon terminal, synaptic cleft, and receptor sites in the membrane of the receiving cell?


How does communication occur between neurons?

Through electrical and chemical signals

What happens when there is an inflow of sodium ions in a neuron?

Action potential is caused

Test your knowledge of the structure of neurons and the brain with this quiz. Explore the complex organization of the brain, including neurons, glia cells, and their functions in conducting electrochemical signals.

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