Biology Class 12: Evolution, Biotechnology, Genetics, Ecology Quiz

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What mechanism of evolution involves the generation of new alleles through changes in the DNA sequence?


Which of the following is not an application of biotechnology as mentioned in the text?

Artificial selection

In genetics, what is the term for a diagram that shows the occurrence and appearance of a particular genetic trait across several generations?

Pedigree analysis

Which of the following is an abiotic component of an ecosystem?


What process involves the change in genetic material between homologous chromosomes during meiosis?


Which scientist is known for proposing the chromosomal theory of inheritance?

Thomas Hunt Morgan

Study Notes

Biology Class 12: Exploring Evolution, Biotechnology, Genetics, Ecology

In Class 12 Biology, you'll delve into the intricacies of life at the genetic, molecular, and ecological levels. Let's examine the subtopics of evolution, biotechnology, genetics, and ecology, as per the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus for India.


You'll study the origin of life, biological evolution, and evidence for evolution through paleontology, comparative anatomy, embryology, and molecular evidence. Understanding Darwin's contributions and the modern synthetic theory of evolution, as well as the mechanisms of evolution—mutation, recombination, and natural selection—is crucial.


This topic explores the principles and processes of biotechnology, including restriction digests, cloning, and transformation. You'll also learn about the applications of biotechnology, such as producing Bt cotton, RNA interference, gene therapy, and genetically engineered insulin.


You'll learn about Mendel's Laws of Inheritance, principles of variation, chromosomal theory of inheritance, linkage and chromosomal disorders, and pedigree analysis. Understanding the molecular basis of inheritance, including DNA structure, replication, transcription, and translation, is essential.


Exploring ecology, you'll learn about organisms and populations, ecosystems, nutrient cycling, ecological succession, and biodiversity conservation. Understanding population interactions, such as mutualism, competition, predation, and parasitism, is crucial.

These subtopics are interconnected, with evolution providing the background and context for understanding variation in genetics, the role of biotechnology in manipulating genetic information, and ecology's perspective on the interactions and interdependence of organisms.

By mastering these concepts, you'll be well prepared for higher education, competitive exams, and a deeper understanding of the life sciences.

Test your knowledge on evolution, biotechnology, genetics, and ecology topics covered in Class 12 Biology curriculum. Explore concepts like biological evolution, Mendel's Laws, biotechnological processes, and ecological interactions as per CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus for India.

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