Biology Class 10 ICSE: Key Subtopics Overview

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What does the study of genetics focus on?

Inheritance of traits

What is the main role of the respiratory system in living organisms?

Removing carbon dioxide from cells

How does respiration contribute to obtaining energy in living organisms?

By breaking down food molecules

Which topic explores the application of genetic principles in human health and medicine?


What aspect of ecosystems do human activities primarily affect?

Energy and nutrient cycling

Which process involves the role of aerobic and anaerobic respiration?


Which process involves plants making their own food?


What is a key topic covered in the human reproductive system subtopic?

Anatomical and functional aspects of male and female reproductive systems

Which subtopic explores the interconnectedness of living and nonliving components in an ecological community?


What is the significance of CO2 in photosynthesis?

Provides carbon necessary for sugar production

Which topic focuses on the balance between the atmosphere, water, and living organisms?


What does the human reproductive system subtopic offer insights into?

Reproductive health and sexual development

Study Notes

Biology Class 10 ICSE: Exploring the Basics

In the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Class 10 curriculum, Biology plays a crucial role as Paper 3 of the science course. It shares an equal weightage with Physics and Chemistry, and it's a well-balanced subject that lays the foundation for the study of life sciences. In this article, we'll focus on five key subtopics: Photosynthesis, Human Reproductive System, Ecosystem, Genetics, and Respiration.


Photosynthesis, the process through which plants make their own food, is an essential topic that teaches students about the balance between the atmosphere, water, and living organisms. You'll learn about the roles of pigments, the light-dependent and light-independent reactions, and the significance of CO2 in photosynthesis.

Human Reproductive System

Exploring the human reproductive system offers insights into reproductive health, sexual development, and the importance of understanding the processes before, during, and after conception. You'll learn about the anatomical and functional aspects of the male and female reproductive systems, and you'll also encounter discussions about human sexuality and reproduction-related issues.


The ecosystem subtopic introduces students to the interconnectedness of living and nonliving components in an ecological community. You'll learn about the relationships between species, the role of energy and nutrient cycling, and the ways in which human activities affect ecosystems.


Genetics is the study of heredity, and this topic provides students with an understanding of how traits are inherited, how genes are organized, and the principles of gene expression. You'll learn about DNA structure, chromosomes, and gene mutations, and you'll also explore the application of genetics to human health and medicine.


Respiration teaches students about the processes through which living organisms obtain energy from food. You'll learn about cellular respiration, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, and the role of the respiratory system in delivering oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide.

As with any subject, it's essential to stay organized and work through past papers, references, and well-structured revision notes to ensure a thorough understanding of the material. By focusing on the five topics outlined above, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the ICSE Class 10 Biology exam with confidence and success.

Explore the essential subtopics in ICSE Class 10 Biology curriculum: Photosynthesis, Human Reproductive System, Ecosystem, Genetics, and Respiration. Enhance your understanding of these key areas to excel in your science studies and exams.

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