Biology Chapter 1 Adaptations in Flowers and Pollen Tube Entry

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What is a notable characteristic of anemophilous flowers?

Adaptations for wind pollination

What is the significance of double fertilization in plants?

Ensures genetic diversity within the species

What type of flowers are adapted to pollination by water?

Hydrophilous flowers

Which process involves fruit formation without fertilization?


What are albuminous seeds known for, compared to exalbuminous seeds?

Presence of reserve proteins

Which part of the gynoecium determines the compatibility of pollen grains?

Outer integument

Identify label A and B in the figure provided in the text. Explain the development of these structures.

A: Nucellus, B: Embryo; They develop through a process involving multiple stages.

What is the artificial method of vegetative propagation called cutting?

A method involving separation of stem or root pieces

Define pollination in plants.

The process of pollen transfer from anther to stigma

What are outbreeding devices in angiospermic plants?

Mechanisms that encourage cross-pollination

Test your knowledge on the adaptations in anemophilous and hydrophilous flowers, along with identifying different types of pollen tube entry into the ovule. Practice answering questions related to flower adaptations and reproductive processes in plants.

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