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What are the major organic constituents of animal bodies?

Water and proteins

What is the main function of carbohydrates (CHO) in the diet?

Source of energy

Which nutrient is responsible for growth and building of tissues?


What is the primary function of lipids (fats & oils) in the body?

Source of energy

Which nutrient is essential for reproduction in animals?


What does the composition comparison reveal about plants and animals regarding water content?

Water content varies widely between plants and animals

Which type of fatty acids can be synthesized within the body?

Non-essential fatty acids

What are the basic units that make up proteins?

Amino acids

How many essential amino acids are commonly found as components of proteins?


Which amino acid is required by chicks for optimal growth?

Glutamic Acid

Which element is occasionally present in proteins?


How are amino acids produced?

By hydrolysis of proteins

What factors have a direct effect on water requirement in animals?

Age, stage of growth, level of production, and activity

Where does absorption of water mainly occur in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT)?

Large intestine

What are the consequences of severe water restriction in animals?

Prostration and eventually death

Which of the following is NOT a method through which water is excreted from the animal's body?

Through increased blood volume

What are some symptoms of energy deficiency in animals according to the text?

Rapid weight loss

How does moderate water restriction affect animals' feed intake and productivity?

Reduces feed intake and productivity

Which type of vitamins are associated with fat during digestion and absorption?

Fat-soluble vitamins

Which vitamin is known for its antioxidant properties?

Vitamin E

What happens to excess water-soluble vitamins in the body?

They are excreted through urine

Why can excess storage of some fat-soluble vitamins be toxic?

They accumulate in the liver and adipose tissue

Which vitamin is responsible for blood clotting?

Vitamin K

What is the main function of water as a nutrient?

To hydrate the body and regulate temperature

What are the signs of protein deficiency?

Fat accumulation in the liver

How do endorphins (peptide) contribute to the body?

They suppress pain

What is a practical problem in ruminants fed urea as a nitrogen source?

Decreased feed intake

What happens to weight gain with excessive protein intake?

It decreases linearly

What is a symptom of excessive protein intake in pigs?

Enhanced enzyme activity in adipose tissue

How does severe protein or amino acid deficiency affect growth?

Halts growth completely

Test your knowledge on essential and non-essential fatty acids, proteins, and other biological compounds like amino acids and elements found in proteins.

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