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Which molecule does not do oxidative damage?

Calcium 2+

In which direction is the protein built in the ribosome?

N terminus to C terminus

Which of the following amino acids is aromatic?


What is the mechanism of action of beta lactam antibiotics?

They inhibit the construction of the cell wall

What is the relationship between D-glucose and D-galactose?


In one form of β-thalassemia, patients have significantly reduced levels of β-globin transcripts. What best explains the molecular reason for these observations?

Splicing alteration of the β-globin mRNA

Where does the conversion of hydroxyvitamin D to 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D mainly occur?


Which metal is not responsible for the production of reactive oxygen species?


What mutation creates a 'stop codon'?


Which vitamin causes Hyperhomocysteinemia?

Vitamin B12

In comparing the α-helix to the β-sheet, which statement is correct only for the β-sheet?

It is stabilized by interchain hydrogen bonds

What is the function of a buffer?

Resists changes in pH level

What is the difference between cofactors and a prosthetic group?

Cofactors bind loosely and prosthetic groups bind tightly

Which of the following vitamins becomes a major electron acceptor as a coenzyme, aiding in the oxidation of numerous substrates?

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

What is the relationship between competitive inhibition and noncompetitive inhibition?

Competitive inhibition: vmax constant, km increase; Noncompetitive inhibition: vmax decrease, km constant

Which of the following substances leads to severe respiratory depression?


Test your knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology with this quiz. Explore topics such as chiral molecules, beta-lactam antibiotics, oxidative damage, protein synthesis, and more. See how well you understand these fundamental concepts in life sciences.

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