Binary Conversion and Software Products Lecture Quiz

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What is the binary representation of the decimal number 100?


In software engineering, what is the main difference between stand-alone systems and customized products?

Stand-alone systems are only used by a specific customer, while customized products are marketed to any customer.

What is the main focus of software engineering?

Meeting the specific needs of a customer

Which type of software requires decisions on software change by the customer?

Air traffic control software

What is the set of related activities that leads to the production of a software system called?

Software Process

Why is agile process planning considered incremental in software development?

Because it is easier to change the process to reflect changing customer requirements

What is the main disadvantage of plan-driven processes?

Lots of analysis and documentation before implementation begins

Which data structure allows adding and deleting elements efficiently but searching is not efficient?

Linked list

What type of search is efficient in an array?

Binary search

What is the primary characteristic of a linked list?

Allows adding and deleting elements at any location

What is the primary advantage of the agile model?

New releases of the system every two or three weeks

Which sorting process arranges the data structure in a specific order using a comparison-based algorithm?

Merging sort

In a stack, which operation involves inserting an element at the top of the stack?


What is the primary purpose of using data structures?

'Efficient Memory use'

Which type of process allows all data operations in a stack at one end only?


Which development method involves small increments and frequent customer involvement?

Incremental development

Test your knowledge on binary conversion from decimal to 2s-base and software products with this lecture quiz. Questions cover topics like converting decimal to binary using powers of 2 and understanding generic and custom software products.

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