Benefits of Intergenerational Interactions

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What is the outcome of comparing one's salary with another person's salary without considering other factors?

Job dissatisfaction

What increases the possibility of satisfaction and happiness in one's job?

Realistic scrutiny of all job aspects

What is emphasized as crucial to ensuring job satisfaction according to the text?

Establishing work routines and maintaining good health practices

How do some people perceive work, as described in the text?

A duty that has to be done somehow or anyhow

What is outside the home for many people?

The workplace, which acts as their primary community

What does the text suggest regarding engaging senior citizens in meaningful work?

It offers numerous benefits and opportunities for youth involvement

What is one key aspect of programmes that should be implemented to focus on senior citizens?

Promoting self-esteem and a positive self-image

How do individuals who enjoy their jobs and look forward to challenges typically handle difficult tasks?

With a positive outlook

What contributes to personal happiness and the quality of working life in an organization?

Using abilities, skills, and knowledge

What is considered crucial for motivating employees according to the Quality of Work Life approach?

Satisfying work conditions

Which of the following is NOT a key factor contributing to employees' performance according to the text?

Balanced diets

What does the Quality of Work Life approach consider employees to be?


What are some factors that contribute to a healthy work environment according to the text?

Job enrichment and challenging tasks

How can an employer boost morale in the workplace, based on the text?

Providing sustained opportunities for self-development

What aspect of job satisfaction is highlighted in the text as important for a healthy work environment?

Absence of stress at work

In the context of the text, what contributes to creating a positive work climate?

Fostering team spirit and team responsibility

What is emphasized in the text as crucial for employee well-being in the workplace?

Making the job interesting and challenging

What can help create a healthy work environment according to the text?

Ensuring and facilitating technical competence

Explore the positive impact of intergenerational interactions and activities on senior citizens and individuals in the workforce. Learn about how such programs can empower and boost self-esteem in older adults, while also enhancing job satisfaction and job performance among working individuals.

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