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What material were the first purpose-built basketballs made out of?


Where was the first official basketball game played?

Albany, New York

When was basketball invented?

December 21, 1891

How many original rules were there when basketball was created?

13 original rules

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), how many timeouts are teams allowed?

Seven timeouts

How many players are there in a basketball team?

15 players

In basketball, how many points is a basket worth if it's made from outside the three-point line?

3 points

What happens if a player stops dribbling and then starts dribbling again in a basketball game?

Player commits a double-dribbling violation

What is the role of the pivot foot in basketball?

To keep one foot stationary while dribbling

When does a basketball player commit a double-dribbling violation?

When stopping dribbling and starting again

How many hands can a player use to dribble the basketball in a game?

One hand

In basketball, how many points is a free throw worth?

1 point

What is the main objective of defense in basketball?

Preventing the opponent from scoring points near the basket or from the perimeter

When does a dribble end in basketball?

When the dribbler touches the ball simultaneously with both hands

What is a rebound in basketball?

A statistic awarded to a player who retrieves the ball after a missed field goal or free throw

How is passing defined in basketball?

The deliberate attempt to move a live ball between two teammates

What happens during a blocked shot in basketball?

A defensive player legally deflects a field goal attempt to prevent a score

What happens if a defender makes contact with an offensive player's hand without touching the ball?

A foul is called

What is the consequence if a player's hand touches the bottom of the basketball while dribbling?

This is considered carrying the ball, and the player will lose possession.

What happens if the offensive team goes back into their backcourt after crossing half court?

A backcourt violation is called, resulting in a turnover.

How many points is a basket worth if made from outside the three-point line?

3 points

What does a defensive player aim to avoid in basketball?

Fouling the opponent

In basketball, what action leads to a turnover if not corrected by the player?

Carrying the ball while dribbling

What determines the winner of a basketball game?

Team with the most points scored

What is defined as a foul in basketball?

Gaining an unfair advantage through physical contact

What is goaltending in basketball?

Touching the ball as it is traveling downward towards the basket or on the rim

Who does the rule of not touching the basketball while it is traveling downward towards the basket apply to?

All players on the court

Why are player positions in basketball mentioned in the text?

To guide team basketball strategy, not as part of the rules

What does the text state about the validity of positions in basketball rules?

There are no positions in the rules; they are for team strategy only

Test your knowledge on basketball rules and scoring. Learn about the point system and different ways to score in a basketball game.

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