Basketball Passing Techniques Quiz

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Which organization publishes the rules of netball?

How many players are there in each team in netball?

How long is a netball game?

Which of the following is NOT a position in netball?

What is the diameter of the netball ring?

How long are the intervals between quarters in a netball game?

Which pass is executed by holding the ball in one hand behind the shoulder with the elbow bent, and weight on the back foot?

What is the purpose of the two-handed pass?

Which players are able to score goals directly?

According to the rules of netball, what happens if a player completely misses a shot and then catches the ball?

What type of infringement can prevent a shooter from shooting for a goal in netball?

In what year were the rules of netball standardized internationally?

Who introduced rules from women's basketball in the United States to netball?

What happens if the ball is deflected off the goal keeper or goal defence and goes through the goal ring in netball?

What is the name of the international governing body for netball?


Test your knowledge of basketball passing techniques with this quiz! Learn about the one-handed shoulder pass and its importance in throwing the ball accurately and efficiently.

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