Netball Rules and Player Positions Quiz

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Which of the following is the correct playing time for a game of netball?

4 x 15 minute quarters with a 3 minute interval between each quarter

How long is the half time interval in a netball game?

5 minutes

How much time is allowed for each injury in a netball game?

2 minutes

How many umpires have control of a netball game?


What penalties can be awarded by the umpires in a netball game?

Free pass, penalty pass, throw in, toss up

What is the penalty for breaking the offside rule in netball?

Free pass

What is the penalty for breaking the footwork rule in netball?

Free pass

What is the penalty for obstruction in netball?

Penalty pass

What is the penalty for contact in netball?

Toss up

What is the penalty for the ball going out of court in netball?

Throw in

Which team has the advantage in terms of numbers on the court in a netball game?

The team with 7 players

How many players are required for a netball team to start a game?

5 players

What is the role of the GA player in netball?

To score goals and work with the GS player

What is the role of the WD player in netball?

To look for interceptions and prevent the WA from feeding the circle

Which player is responsible for preventing the GS from scoring goals in netball?


When are centre passes taken in a netball game?

At the start of each quarter and after each goal is scored

Where must the Centre with the ball be before the whistle for a centre pass in netball?

In the Centre Circle

Who can score goals in netball?

Only the GS or GA players

When is a goal scored in netball?

When the ball is received by the GS or GA players completely within the goal circle

How is the winner determined in a netball game?

By the team with the most goals

Test your knowledge of basic netball rules and player positions with this quiz. Learn about the responsibilities of each position and the areas of the court they cover. Perfect for netball enthusiasts and beginners alike.

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