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What does '留学生 (liúxuéshēng)' mean?

International student

Which word means 'to know, to recognize'?

认识 (rènshi)

What is the meaning of '美国 (Měiguó)'?

United States

Which term refers to a 'polite you'?

您 (nín)

What does '介绍 (jièshào)' mean?

To introduce

Which word means 'not'?

不 (bù)

What does '了 (le)' indicate?

A completed action

Which word means 'expensive'?

便宜 (piányi)

What does '一共 (yīgòng)' mean?

Altogether, in total

Which term is used for 'thank you' in Chinese?

谢谢 (xièxiè)

What does '找 (zhǎo)' mean?

To give change

Which item is referred to as '桌子 (zhuōzi)'?


Test your knowledge of basic Mandarin vocabulary with this quiz. Match the Mandarin words with their English translations and improve your language skills.

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