Banksy: Street Artist or Criminal?

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What did Banksy do to the painting he picked up from a local market?

Stencilled blue- and-white police crime-tape over it

In 2004, where did Banksy place his own version of the Mona Lisa?

Louvre in Paris

What happened to Banksy's famous piece, Girl With Balloon, at Sotheby’s auction house?

It sold for just over £1 million

What happened to the picture of Girl With Balloon during the auction at Sotheby's?

It started to disappear into the frame and emerge as shredded fabric below

What is believed to be the current value of the half-shredded painting of Girl With Balloon?

More than when it was whole

What is Banksy known for?

Creating large murals

Why is Banksy's artwork hard to verify as genuine?

Because he uses pseudonyms for his artwork

What inspired Banksy to use stencils in his art?

Hiding from the police underneath a lorry

What type of art did Banksy create in his first 'exhibition' in 2003?

Surreal and prankster-like art

What kind of attire did Banksy wear when he visited Room 7 in the Tate Britain art gallery?

Dark overcoat, scarf, and floppy hat

Test your knowledge about the famous England-based street artist Banksy. Explore his pseudonymous identity and the challenges of verifying the authenticity of his graffiti artwork that appears on public buildings around the world.

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