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What distinguishes gram-positive bacteria from gram-negative bacteria?

Gram-positive bacteria take up the gram stain, while gram-negative bacteria do not.

Describe the three layers that make up the cell envelop in prokaryotic cells.

The three layers are the glycocalyx, cell wall, and plasma membrane.

How does the composition and thickness of the glycocalyx differ among different bacteria?

The glycocalyx can vary from a loose sheath called the slime layer to a thick capsule.

What are the two groups of bacteria classified based on their cell envelops?

Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Why are the three layers of the cell envelop in bacteria described as acting together as a single protective unit?

Although each layer performs distinct functions, they collectively provide protection to the cell.

What is the function of the cell wall in bacteria?

Determines shape of the cell and provides structural support

Describe the structure and function of the plasma membrane in prokaryotic cells.

Selectively permeable, interacts with the outside world

What is a mesosome and how does it contribute to bacterial cell function?

Extensions of plasma membrane into the cell

What are chromotophores in prokaryotic cells and what is their function?

Membranous extensions containing pigments

How do mesosomes increase the surface area of the plasma membrane in bacteria?

By forming vesicles, tubules, and lamellae

Test your knowledge on the chemically complex cell envelope of prokaryotic cells, particularly bacteria cells. Learn about the three-layered structure comprising the glycocalyx, cell wall, and plasma membrane, and how they work together as a protective unit. Explore the classification of bacteria based on differences in cell envelopes and staining responses.

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