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What is the main purpose of viewing microbes up close with light and electron microscopes?

To identify the types of microbes present on a surface

What is the role of a microbiologist in the detection of microscopic organisms?

Culturing the microbes until they grow into a detectable form

What is the first step in decontaminating the needle described in the text?

Cleaning it to remove any dirt, soil, and bacteria

Why is it impossible to visually determine when all microbes have been removed during decontamination processes?

Due to the presence of bacteria sticking to the needle

What is the significance of sterilization in the context of decontaminating medical devices?

To kill all remaining microbes on medical devices

What is the primary reason for using a disinfection process on the needle?

To kill as many remaining microbes as possible

What is the primary reason for performing disinfection or sterilization after the cleaning process?

To kill any microbes missed by the cleaning procedures

Why is it important for specialists in Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) to know about microbiology and microbes?

To understand contamination risks and proper decontamination procedures

What are the best studied microbes referred to as?


Why is it becoming a serious problem when microbial infections can no longer be treated using antibiotics?

Because microbial infections are becoming more resistant to many or all available antibiotics

What are the basic requirements for all microorganisms to grow and reproduce?

Food and moisture

What is an example of a survival strategy used by bacteria under stressful conditions?

Altered metabolism

Why is it important to clean reusable medical devices as soon as possible after use?

To avoid rapid multiplication of bacteria on the devices

Why do some yeasts, like Candida, multiply as quickly as bacteria?

Because they have optimal growth conditions similar to human tissue

What is the primary reason for understanding biofilms in the context of microbiology?

To realize that most microbes naturally grow as biofilms

Why are enveloped viruses, such as Hepatitis B, HIV, and Herpes, more susceptible to protein, heat, and drying than non-enveloped viruses?

Because enveloped viruses have a lipid envelope

What is the primary function of prions outside of host cells?

To remain biologically inert and persist for various lengths of time

What is a characteristic feature of bacteria under optimal growth conditions?

They form spores and alter their metabolism

What is the approximate rate at which the forearm sheds dead skin cells per hour?

1300 cells

What is the primary purpose of using hygiene procedures and appropriate PPE in clean or sterile zones in the CSSD?

To prevent contamination of reusable medical devices

What is the main reason for wearing two layers of clothing when entering critical areas?

To prevent contamination of the environment

What is one of the requirements for PPE in the Decontamination Zone in CSSD?

Discarding used gloves before touching anything

What is the purpose of wearing gloves in the Decontamination Zone?

To protect against contaminated reusable medical devices

What is a requirement for workwear in the IAP or sterile storage zones in CSSD?

Changing scrubs daily or whenever they become visibly soiled

What is the purpose of wearing dedicated non-slip enclosed footwear in CSSD?

Protecting against injury or contact with sharp objects

Why should gloves be removed without contaminating hands in the Decontamination Zone?

To avoid contaminating surfaces and pens

What is a requirement for wearing fluid-resistant masks with visor eye shields in the Decontamination Zone?

Avoiding touching mask or eye shield with hands while working

What is recommended when using disposable shoe covers in the Decontamination Zone?

Replacing them if there is any sign of damage

What is emphasized for workwear in the IAP or sterile storage zones in CSSD?

Washing hands before and after using gloves

What should be done when gloves become moist or visibly soiled while working in the Decontamination Zone?

Remove them immediately and discard them appropriately

What is the main purpose of Standard Precautions in healthcare?

To minimize the risk of infection regardless of the perceived infectious risk

Why is it important to be familiar with maintenance of personal hygiene appropriate to the unit's zone in the CSSD?

To protect reusable medical devices from contamination by personnel

What is the rationale for applying Standard Precautions in the decontamination zone of the CSSD?

To handle reusable medical devices safely after decontamination

What is the main concern addressed by the Chain of Infection concept?

Transmission of microbial infections and means to prevent it

Why are hospital patients particularly susceptible to infection?

Due to being in poor health and having compromised immune systems

What is an important measure to minimize the reservoir of infection in a hospital environment?

Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the environment and equipment

Why do hospital staff constantly try to minimize the reservoir of infection in healthcare environments?

To reduce the spread of infectious microbes around the environment

What are some examples of infections that have developed resistance in recent times?

"Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), multi-drug resistant Tubercle bacillus (MDR TB)"

What is a key reason for trying to break the chain of infection from various sources or reservoirs in healthcare settings?

"To prevent infected reusable medical devices from being used on patients"

Why do healthcare professionals apply prompt treatment measures?

"To prevent infections from spreading within the healthcare facility"

What is the main function of the slime matrix secreted by microbes in a biofilm?

To provide a protective covering for the microbes

In what way do biofilms make pathogens more difficult to eradicate?

By providing a protective environment for pathogens to multiply

Why is it best practice to avoid delays before starting decontamination of used reusable medical devices?

To reduce the risk of microbial spread to processed devices and staff

Which type of microorganisms have life-cycle stages that are encysted (within a tough protective capsule)?


What characteristic makes fungi resistant to disinfectants?

Thick cell walls and spores

How are yeasts identified in the laboratory?

By culture in the laboratory to form colonies and examining cell shapes under the microscope

What characteristic distinguishes bacteria from other microorganisms?

Presence of a nucleus and multiplication by budding

What is the main challenge in removing bacteria from uneven surfaces during cleaning?

Resistance of bacteria to heat and chemicals

What is the main purpose of regular microbiological testing in the CSSD?

To monitor the efficacy of cleaning and decontamination protocols

What is the role of neutral detergent and cleaning enzymes when used on reusable medical devices?

To prevent biofilm formation on the devices

What is the main method used for identification of fungal pathogens?

Growth in the laboratory to form colonies

What is the main reason why spores often resist disinfectants?

They have a protective outer layer

Which method is most commonly used to identify bacteria in the laboratory?

Microscopy of gram stained smears

How are viruses detected by damage they cause to healthy human or animal cells in culture?

By forming plaques or areas of destruction

What is the main reason why prions are difficult to remove from reusable medical devices?

They are very small and adhere strongly to surfaces

What is the main function of the commensal microbes found in the human body?

To stimulate the immune system and carry out beneficial functions

Which method is usually used to detect prions on reusable medical devices?

Specific antibodies linked to dyes

What is the most common method for identifying viruses in the laboratory?

Tissue culture methods

What differentiates prions from viruses and bacteria?

They are proteinaceous units causing TSEs

What makes microbes difficult to eliminate in clinical environments?

The potential beneficial functions for humans

What is the main reason why viruses can be difficult to remove during cleaning?

They can be resistant to disinfectants and heat

What is the most usual way that prions are detected?

By histopathology of infected tissue using specific antibodies linked to dyes

Test your knowledge about the identification and disinfection of bacteria. Learn about the different methods used for identifying bacteria in laboratories and how they can be killed by disinfectants and heat. Explore the resistance of spores to disinfectants as well.

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