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Which microbe can be difficult to remove during cleaning and is not killed by disinfection or heat?


How are bacteria commonly identified in the laboratory?

By evaluating their colony appearance

What method is typically used to detect and identify viruses in the laboratory?

Tissue culture methods

Which statement about prions is accurate?

They convert normally folded prions into abnormal ones

What is the term for helpful microbes that protect against disease and stimulate the immune system?


In which layer of the skin are dead cells found?

Stratum corneum

What is the primary function of the matrix of slime secreted by microbes in a biofilm?

To protect microbes from disinfectants and stressful situations

Which statement accurately describes the impact of biofilms on medical devices?

Biofilms can form on reusable medical devices, making them more difficult to decontaminate

Which microorganism type can form tough protective capsules known as cysts, making them resistant to disinfectants?


What is the primary method for identifying fungi in a laboratory setting?

Observing colony appearance and microscopic examination

Which microorganism type lacks a nucleus and multiplies by cell division?


What type of microorganism is characterized by being larger than bacteria, having a nucleus, and multiplying mainly by budding?


What is the main challenge in knowing the exact number and types of microbes present on or in your hands, the water, the air, and your working environment?

The small size of the microbes makes it difficult to detect them visually

What is the purpose of culturing the microbes until they grow into a detectable form?

To make the microbes easier to detect

What is the role of microbiologists in detecting the presence of microbes?

To culture the microbes until they grow into a detectable form

What is the first step in decontaminating a needle?

Removing any dirt, soil, and as many bacteria as possible

Why is it impossible to visually tell when all microbes have been removed during the decontamination processes?

The small size of the microbes makes it difficult to detect them visually

Why does the presence of large numbers of bacteria on the needle require decontamination?

To kill as many of the remaining microbes as possible

What is the approximate rate at which the forearm sheds dead skin cells per hour?

1300 cells

In which zones of the CSSD should staff change their personal protective equipment (PPE) before moving between them?

Inspection, Assembly, and Packaging zone and decontamination zone

What type of workwear is emphasized in the Inspection, Assembly, and Packaging (IAP) or sterile storage zones in CSSD?

Low-lint uniform and head/hair cover

What is the purpose of wearing fluid repellent masks with visor eye shields in the decontamination zone?

To reduce the risk of microbes being transferred to the eyes, nose, and mouth

What is the best practice for footwear in the decontamination zone?

Wearing dedicated non-slip enclosed footwear

How often should gloves be changed during activities likely to generate splashes of blood or body fluids in the decontamination zone?

Whenever they become visibly soiled or wet

Which statement accurately reflects the information provided about the detection of microbes in the text?

The electron microscope allows us to see microbes that are smaller than what the light microscope can detect.

What is the primary reason for disinfection or sterilization to come after the cleaning process for reusable medical devices?

To kill any microbes missed by the cleaning procedures due to surface imperfections or crevices.

What is emphasized as an important consideration for specialists in CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department) when decontaminating reusable medical devices?

Strict compliance with validated procedures and processes developed by microbiologists.

Why is it important for CSSD specialists to have knowledge about microbiology and microbes?

To understand where the risks are and why they follow specific procedures when decontaminating devices.

What is a characteristic of microbial infections mentioned in the text?

Some microbial infections are no longer treatable using previously effective antibiotics.

What environmental factor is highlighted as essential for microbial growth and reproduction?

Optimal range of moisture and food as essential requirements for microbial growth and reproduction.

What is the purpose of wearing stud earrings in the CSSD?

To comply with work practices

Which of the following is NOT considered as part of Standard Precautions in healthcare?

Treatment of primary disease

What is the rationale behind applying Standard Precautions in the decontamination zone?

To prevent contamination of medical devices

Why are hospital patients particularly susceptible to infection?

Limited functionality of the immune system

What is the primary means for transmitting infectious agents to susceptible hosts?

Direct contact with infected surfaces

What is the focus of healthcare staff to minimize the reservoir of infection in the hospital environment?

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of environment and equipment

Which microorganism has developed resistance and become much more dangerous in recent times?

Staphylococcus aureus

What is the purpose of applying environmental controls as part of Standard Precautions?

To prevent contamination of reusable medical devices

What is the primary focus when trying to break the chain of infection in hospital environments?

Use of infection control at all levels

What is the purpose of hand hygiene in the IAP and sterile zones?

To prevent healthcare-associated infections including contamination of reusable medical devices

Test your knowledge on identifying bacteria and their susceptibility to disinfectants. Learn about the methods used to identify bacteria in the laboratory and understand their resistance to different disinfection methods.

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