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What is the main function of the constant membrane proteins of the heavy chains in a B cell receptor (BCR)?

Deliver intracellular signals following antigen recognition

What is the significance of the Fab region in a monomeric antibody?

It binds to antigens

Why is the Fc fragment of an antibody named 'Fragment crystallizable'?

It mediates effector functions like antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity

Where is the hinge region located in a BCR?

At the center, allowing bending of the molecule

What is the function of the hinge region in an antibody molecule?

Allows flexibility for independent movement of antigen-binding Fab regions

What does the fragment antigen-binding (Fab fragment) of an antibody bind to?


Which antibody region is responsible for mediating effector functions like antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity?

'Fragment crystallizable' (Fc) region

What are the components making up a B cell receptor (BCR)?

Two heavy and two light chains joined by disulfide bonds with constant and variable regions

What happens to naive B cells that have not yet encountered antigens?

They remain dormant until activated by antigens

What is the role of the variable domain in both heavy and light chains of a B cell receptor?

Confers specificity in antigen binding

Test your knowledge on the structure of a B cell receptor, including the composition of its chains and regions. Learn about why the Fc fragment is named as such and the characteristics of the Fab region in a monomeric antibody.

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