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What is the primary function of a B cell receptor?

Bind to antigens

How many chains make up a B cell receptor?

Two heavy chains and two light chains

Why is the Fc fragment of an antibody named as such?

Short for 'Fragment crystallizable'

Which region of an antibody binds to antigens?

Fab region

How does the hinge region of a BCR contribute to antibody function?

It allows the antibody to bend

What is the role of the constant membrane proteins of the heavy chains in a BCR?

Signal transduction following antigen recognition

Which part of an antibody molecule enables independent movement of antigen-binding regions?

Hinge region

What are the components of the Fab fragment of an antibody?

One constant domain and one variable domain of each chain

What is the main function of a Fab region of a monomeric antibody?

Binds to antigens

What enables the two antigen-binding Fab regions of an antibody molecule to move independently?

Hinge region

What type of proteins are the constant membrane proteins of heavy chains in a BCR?

Transmembrane signaling proteins

What is the primary role of the Fc fragment in an antibody structure?

Determines an antibody's class

Test your knowledge on the components of a B cell receptor, including the structure of the membrane-bound immunoglobulin molecule and the regions of its chains. Explore why the Fc fragment is named as such and learn about the function of the Fab region in a monomeric antibody.

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