Augustine's Beliefs on Atonement and Salvation Quiz

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What is the starting point of the 'Doctrine of Original Sin'?

The sin of Adam and Eve in eating from the tree of knowledge

Which theological concept did Augustine primarily focus on in his works?

Concupiscence as a defect in human character

What is the meaning of 'concupiscence' as per Augustine's Doctrine of Original Sin?

A longing for earthly material things

How did Augustine describe the impact of 'original sin' on human character?

It introduced concupiscence as a major defect

What does concupiscence hinder in a moral agent, according to Augustine?

The ability to resist Godly goodness

In Augustine's Doctrine of Original Sin, what was a consequence of committing the original sin?

'Original sin' tainted Adam's and Eve's nature

According to Augustine, why does all of humanity inherit Adam's sin?

Because they were present in Adam's loins seminally.

What does 'massa peccati' refer to according to Augustine?

A lump of sin representing humanity's sinful nature.

How did Augustine describe humanity's ability to freely choose in the context of sin?

Predestined to sin by concupiscence.

What is 'liberum arbitrium' in the context of Augustine's teachings?

The power of making free choices without predestination.

Who did Augustine refer to as 'the elect' in his doctrine?

Those chosen by God to be freed from concupiscence.

What distinguishes 'the elect' from 'the reprobates' in Augustine's teachings?

'The elect' were freed from concupiscence, while 'the reprobates' remained in a state of sin.

According to Augustine, why would the 'elect' be sinless at death?

Because they would always pursue the right course of action.

What did Augustine state about Jesus' atonement according to the text?

It was intended only for the elect.

According to John Calvin's 'Doctrine of Election,' what is a core belief about God?

God's omnipotence involves control over who will be saved and who will perish.

What does John Calvin believe about humanity's response to God's commands?

Humanity is totally depraved and cannot respond faithfully.

Based on Calvin's theory, what does Romans 8 imply about predestination?

'The elect' have been predestined by God for glory.

Why can't humanity respond in faithful obedience according to Calvin's theory?

As a consequence of being 'totally depraved' after 'the fall'.

According to Calvin, what is the 'irresistible grace' experienced by the elect?

A grace that ensures the elect cannot resist seeking forgiveness for their sins

What is a trait that Calvin believed the elect would generally exhibit?

Hard-working and honest behavior

How did Calvin believe a person becomes part of the elect?

By having God choose them prior to their birth

What was Calvin's view on why the reprobates are 'deaf and blind' to the message of the gospels?

As a result of 'the fall', making them incapable of faith

What did Calvin believe 'limited atonement' referred to?

The idea that Jesus died only for the elect

Which biblical scripture did Calvin use to support his view on 'limited atonement'?

'You are not my sheep' - John 10:26

What was the purpose of the Synod of Dort that took place after Calvin's death?

To resolve disputes around the doctrine of election

Test your knowledge of Augustine's beliefs on atonement, salvation, and the concept of the elect based on the provided text.

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