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What is the maximum period allowed for the revalidation of an ANL by the assistant commissioner?

60 days

When must a demand letter for payment of deficiency be sent by PCAG to the identified company?

Within 15 days from receipt

What is the deadline for an importer to file a request for reconsideration to the BOC Commissioner after receiving a demand letter?

15 days

How long does the BOC have to furnish the DOF and BIR with a copy of the final audit results and amount paid by the importer?

30 days

What is the consequence for a PDP applicant if they do not receive an ANL after filing an approved PDP application?

They pay the deficient amount due plus legal interest of 20% per annum.

When does a PDP applicant only pay the deficient amount due without any penalty or interest?

Within 30 days from the date of payment or accrual of royalties.

What action will be taken by PCAG if there are findings of fraud or violations not disclosed in the PDP application?

Recommend to the BOC Commissioner for a formal audit.

What is the consequence if a PDP applicant receives an ANL after filing an approved PDP application?

They pay the deficient amount due and a penalty of 10% of the base deficiency.

What is the purpose of the Post Clearance Audit group (PCAG) according to CAO No. 01-2019?

To conduct audits on importers, beneficial owners, customs brokers, and other parties involved in customs clearance.

What are the selection criteria for a company to undergo Post Clearance Audit (PCA) as per CAO No. 01-2019?

The company's relative magnitude of customs revenue, rates of duties, compliance track records, and risk to revenue.

Which units are responsible for conducting audits under Post Clearance Audit (PCA) according to CAO No. 01-2019?

Trade Information and Risk Analysis Office (PCAG-TIRAO) and Compliance Assessment Office (PCAG-CAO).

What is considered in the selection criteria for Post Clearance Audit according to CAO No. 01-2019?

The compliance level of a trade sector and non-renewal of an importer’s customs accreditation.

Test your knowledge on the guidelines related to Audit Notification Letters (ANL) including validity, revalidation, audit plan preparation, and timelines for audit completion. Explore the process of sending demand letters for payment of deficiencies by the Philippine Commission on Audit (PCAG) to identified companies.

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