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What is implicit processing?

What is the Orientating Response?

What is the Spotlight of Attention?

What is Selective Attention?

What does Broadbent's Filter Theory propose?

What did Treisman's Attenuation Theory propose?

What is automatic processing?

What is the Stroop Task used for?

What is the basic process of getting sensory information into the cognitive system?

Which mental process involves concentrating effort on a stimulus or a mental event?

What is the limited mental energy or resource that powers the mental system referred to as?

What is a necessary precondition for processing information?

What did Bonebakker et al.'s (1996) study aim to investigate?

What was the assumption behind Bonebakker et al.'s (1996) study?

What does controlled, voluntary attention refer to?

What are the two general definitions of attention mentioned in the text?

What does input attention involve?

What is an example of controlled, voluntary attention mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge on the major topics related to attentional processes, including basic input, controlled attention, disorders of attention, and the multiple meanings of attention. Explore how attention functions as a mental resource and learn about hemineglect.

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